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Millions Raised for SOE Campaign

On Friday, October 1st, University leaders launched the next phase of  “distinctlyDrake”, the official capital campaign with news that the overall total of the gifts and pledges is $74 million.  The goal set for all projects is $200 million for buildings, scholarships and endowments for specialized faculty.  The primary goal for our school is $15 million for a new building to be constructed at the corner of 25th and Forest Avenue.  With the surprise announcement that the Joan and Lyle Middleton family has pledged $2 million dollars for the building, OUR TOTAL FOR THE NEW FACILITY HAS REACHED $6.3 MILLION.  Three weeks ago, another loyal benefactor James Collier signed an agreement to establish a $2 million trust for education student scholarships.  Follow the math and recognize that $8.3 million of the $74 raised is for the School of Education!  Thanks to all faculty, staff and students who teach, research, study and serve to become highly qualified professionals.  Benefactors have to believe that we are making a difference and…we are.