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Education Leadership Department Adds New Cohorts

Recruiting efforts are underway for new cohorts in Educational Leadership in Northern Iowa and Bettendorf. The Educational Leadership program has had two cohorts in northern Iowa with one cohort completing their program in December.  Courses for the new cohort will begin in January, 2011 and will be taught at the North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) in Mason City.

In addition, a fourth cohort in Bettendorf will begin January, 2011. Classes for Bettendorf4 will be taught at the Mississippi Bend (AEA9) center.

To learn more about the Educational Leadership program, Information Sessions will be held for Northern Iowa on September October 7 and November 9, while Informational Sessions for Bettendorf are scheduled for September October 2, October 28, November 10, and December 2. Informational Sessions will present details regarding: the application process, admission requirements, testing information, course descriptions, licensure requirements, financial assistance, and course schedules.

Contact Dave Darnell (david.darnell@drake.edu)  for additional information for the Bettendorf cohort and Jan Walker (jan.walker@drake.edu) for information for the Northern Iowa cohort.