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School of Education Rolls Out Education Leadership Program

As we implement the newly accredited MSE in Education Leadership program approved on January 14, 2010 by the State Board of Education, Drake would also like to welcome the Cedar Rapids and On-Campus cohorts starting fall 2010.

EDL 270: Personal and Professional Assessment Seminar

EDL 271: Leadership and the Profession

EDL 272: Organizational and System Behavior

EDL 273: Instruction and Learning

EDL 274: Community and Society

EDL 275: Planning, Research, Measurement and Evaluation*

EDL 276: Applications of Law, Mandates and Policies

EDL 277: Diversity in Schools

EDL 278: Supervising Instruction*

EDL 279: Managing Schools

EDL 280: Clinical Experience I

EDL 281: Clinical Experience II

*Meets Iowa Evaluator Approval requirements

The program is designed for students aspiring to be principals, associate/assistant principals, curriculum coordinators, deans of students, teacher leaders, athletic administrators, or Area Education Agency consultants.