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Extension Education Offers Teachers Opportunities

Drake University School of Education offers classroom teachers many opportunties to expand their skills while earning Drake graduate credit.

The Extension Education staff submitted the following explanation of their program and its benefits for teachers.

Why do we have Extension Education?

Our goal is to meet the current and future professional development needs of educators regardless of their location.

Teachers who are taking professional development courses through area AEA’s can obtain Drake graduate credit for a minimal price of $70 to $100 a credit hour. Drake partners with the AEA’s is to serve as intermediate units between the Department of Education, school districts, and local schools. More than 2,100 courses are offered each year

Who is involved in the program?

•    Drake AEA Curriculum Coordinators: Terry Thorpe, Diane Spahr. Our task is to approve the syllabi, register and enter grades, pay stipend to the instructors, invoice and process accounting functions with the AEA’s.

•    10 Area Education Agencies (AEAs)… Coordinate with Drake to set up courses and instructors following Drake’s requirements and criteria. Contact Drake with participating students and finances.

•    AEA Consultants: Kathy Dulle, Sue Donielson, Shannon Fleming, Joan Kuraitis and Robert Stone: : They are a liaison between Drake and the AEA instructors, visiting classrooms, offering synopsis of courses and answering questions students have about Drake.

Who should be interested?

If your future involves teaching you will want to take advantage of our program. The school districts pay scales and promotions are based on professional development and graduate credit. Taking courses from Drake extension offices through the AEA’s will save you tuition money and lead you to a higher salary. Check us out!!!

How do I sign up?

During your first year teaching check with the AEA’s in the area, choose courses from their catalogs, register online with the AEA and choose the option for Drake credit. It is easy and the benefits are great!