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‘Oh, Joy’ by Nancy Berns

Oh, Joy

Oh, joy, from where did you come?

How did you sneak back in so soon?

Your unexpected entrance stunned.

What will others think?

It is not right.

I still hurt.

Tears keep me close.

Not you.

I did not expect you again.

Not so soon.

                        Do not worry my friend.

                        I am not here to push away pain.

                        No disrespect in laughing again.

                        Comfortable, am I, with tears.

                        Laugh. Remember. Cry.

A heart has room for both.

He is worth my tears.

And, joy, he knew you too.

Tears, still my pillow.

Pain, a memorial of my love.

Joy, a reminder of God’s love.

Grief and joy shall mingle.

By Nancy Berns