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Drake lecture to explore America’s issue with evolution

CONTACT: Tory Olson, 515-271-1834, tory.olson@drake.edu

Kenneth Miller, professor of biology at Brown University, will present “Darwin, God and Design: America’s Continuing Problem with Evolution,” at Drake University on Tuesday, April 13.

The free, public lecture, sponsored by Drake’s Science Collaborative Institute and Engaged Citizen Experience, will begin at 4 p.m. in the Bulldog Theater in Olmsted Center, 2875 University Ave.

Miller’s lecture will focus on America’s problem with both the theory of evolution and the role it plays with religious faith. Miller will argue that religion and evolutionary science are not fundamentally incompatible, and in fact can be complimentary to one another.

“The hypothesis of God comes not from a rejection of science, but from a penetrating curiosity that asks why science is even possible, and why the laws of nature exist for us to discover,” said Miller.

An outspoken advocate of teaching evolutionary biology in American schools, Miller has publicly condemned intelligent design as a negative argument to correct alleged inadequacies of evolution. He has appeared before courts and panels to witness to the inaccuracies of intelligent design and has given numerous interviews on television programs, including C-Span and the Colbert Report.

Miller holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Brown University in Providence, R.I., and a doctoral degree from the University of Colorado in Boulder. He has served at Brown University since 1980 and has received five major teaching awards. In 2005, he received the Public Service Award from the American Society for Cell Biology.

For more information, contact Maria Bohorquez, department chair and professor of chemistry, at 515-271-2595 or maria.bohorquez@drake.edu.