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New Drake award to support faculty scholarship

Drake University faculty members now have the opportunity to do more research for publication, thanks to a new $3,000 award to support their work.

This week, the Center for the Humanities announced the Humanities Research Scholar Awards, which aim to encourage research, publication and creative production in the humanities.

The funds will be used to support activities and supplies related to the research project. In addition, the award may also be used to fund a summer research stipend for a month of research or creative activity.

The award will be given each year to a faculty member engaged in a long-term research project to be published or presented. Humanities Research Scholars will be named over the next three years, with the first year focusing on tenured faculty members. 

Renewal of the funding for the second and third year of the projects will be made based on detailed annual progress reports.  

The award program will replace the previous initiative called the Humanities Endowment Professorships.
Interested faculty members must submit:
  • a description of the research or creative work 
  • an explanation of how the project engages with other research, writing or production by other scholars
  • an explanation of how the project will contribute to humanistic inquiry and why it is significant, timely and valuable
  • an explanation of the researcher’s experience, expertise and qualifications 
  • a detailed timeline of work to be completed 
  • a budget for the first year of the award period 
  • two letters of recommendation
  • a sample of recently published work 
  • a resume (curriculum vitae)
For more information or to submit application materials, which are due on or before Feb. 1, 2010, contact the center at humanities.center@drake.edu. Materials may also be delivered to the Center for the Humanities in Howard Hall.