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Drake Law named a ‘Best Value Law School’ by The National Jurist

Drake University Law School ranks as one of the top private schools nationwide in The National Jurist magazine’s “Best Value Law Schools” ranking in its September 2009 issue.

Drake Law School was ranked sixth out of 13 private schools, which were among 52 public universities, in the “Best Bang! for your buck” story.

“It is rewarding to have this outside confirmation that we have achieved both excellence and good value,” said Dean Allan Vestal.

For its 2009 best value ranking, The National Jurist identified 65 law schools that carry a relatively low price tag and “are able to prepare their students incredibly well for today’s competitive job market.”

To assess value, the rankings include only public schools with an in-state tuition less than $25,000, and private schools with an annual tuition below $30,000.

Schools also had to have an employment rate of at least 85 percent and a school bar passage rate that was higher than the state average.

The schools were then ranked with greatest weight to tuition followed by employment statistics.

Drake also made the top 10 for private law schools in the “Best School for Your Money” ranking by the magazine in 2004.