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Innovative learning and life skills summer camp comes to Drake

This summer Drake University will host two 10-day residential academic summer programs operated by SuperCamp, a leader in learning and life skills summer camps.

Joe Chapon, vice president of Quantum Learning Network, recently announced that the company’s SuperCamp learning and life skills academic summer camps for middle school and high school students will be held at Drake University for the first time this summer.

SuperCamp is a dynamic 10-day summer program that has graduated more than 48,000 students worldwide in 26 years. Based on accelerated learning methods, SuperCamp prepares students for success with valuable learning and life skills that they apply at school and in their personal lives.

In making the announcement, Chapon indicated his pleasure in aligning with Drake. “We are thrilled to add Drake to our list of outstanding colleges,” said Chapon. “Families throughout Iowa and the entire Midwest who are looking for the SuperCamp experience for their children will find Drake to be an ideal setting.”

Drake University also has been chosen to host an online Internship course for SuperCamp team leaders and facilitators throughout the United States. “This is both an honor and opportunity to connect with the strong teaching practices used by SuperCamp personnel and to enable staff members to obtain college credit while they are both teaching and learning,” said Eunice Merideth, associate dean of Drake’s School of Education.

At SuperCamp, there’s no passive learning. Instead, campers engage in experiential exercises, dynamic mental and physical challenges, and team problem-solving. Studies of SuperCamp graduates show positive results in the areas of increased grades, improved student motivation and higher levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.

SuperCamp was co-founded in 1982 by Bobbi DePorter, president of Quantum Learning Network. SuperCamp’s Quantum Learning educational methods also are used in schools nationwide by teachers trained in this methodology. More than 2 million students have been impacted.

Other U.S. SuperCamp locations in 2008 are Stanford, Cornell, Wake Forest, University of Washington, Colorado College, Claremont Colleges and California State San Marcos. For more information on SuperCamp, visit the Web site or call 800-285-3276.