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Drake students to present research work with NASA

Photo of students
From left: Erin Anderson, Sarah Arlien and David Ehresmann.

CONTACTS: Maria Bohorquez, 515-271-2595, maria.bohorquez@drake.edu;

Lisa Lacher, 515-271-3119, lisa.lacher@drake.edu

Three Drake University students will present the findings of their summer research projects at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., on Friday, Oct. 26, as part of the Drake University Science Colloquium Series. The presentation, which is free and open to the public, will start at noon in room 206 in Olin Hall, 27th Street and Forest Avenue.

Erin Anderson, senior from Topeka, Kan., will present “Lightweight Contingency Urine Recovery System and Osmotic Distillation System,” which could be used to recycle urine to produce an electrolyte-containing hydration beverage similar to sports drinks such as Powerade. The system would provide an efficient low mass option that could supply astronauts with a hydration beverage in the event of an emergency.

Sarah Arlien, a senior from Des Moines, will report her findings on “Development of a Protein Based Nickel Sensor.” Her research explores new monitoring technologies, such as molecular biosensors derived from proteins, which can be used during long duration space flights to check for nickel, a toxic metal that can enter the space shuttle and International Space Station’s potable water systems. These monitoring systems also could be used to monitor the environment on Earth.

David Ehresmann, a senior from Northfield, Minn., will discuss “Advanced Atmosphere Revitalization Technologies.” Ehresmann will outline the necessity of advancements in Atmosphere Revitalization technologies to reduce power consumption and mass, and increase reliability for long duration space exploration missions.

For more information, contact professor Maria Bohorquez, director of DUSCI, at 515-271-2595 or dusci@drake.edu.