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Drake Receives Grant To Develop Courses On ‘Ethics In A Globalizing World’

CONTACT: Lisa Lacher, (515) 271-3119, lisa.lacher@drake.edu

Drake University’s Center for Global Citizenship has received a $113,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education for a two-year curriculum development project on “Ethics in a Globalizing World.”

“This project promises to infuse international and ethical perspectives into a wide variety of courses,” said David Skidmore, director of the Center for Global Citizenship. “We will develop eight new and 15 revised courses that explore the theme of ‘Ethics in a Globalizing World.’ Twenty-two faculty members and two staff members representing three of Drake’s five undergraduate colleges and schools will participate in course development through this project.”

The first major activity will be a summer workshop for faculty featuring Joel Rosenthal of the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs. The workshop, which is scheduled for July 18-20 on the Drake campus, also will include presentations by Skidmore; Jennifer McCrickerd, associate professor of philosophy; and Debra DeLaet, associate professor of politics and international relations. Skidmore, DeLaet and Jan Marston, director of the Drake University Language Acquisition Program, will serve as co-directors of the project.

The project also encompasses three new upper-level language courses to be developed on the topic of “National Identity in a Transnational Age.” Also, some faculty members will receive instruction in “language-across-the-curriculum” techniques, providing them with tools for integrating language resources into their new and revised courses. Finally, the project will generate a foreign-language film series focusing on international ethical issues related to the new and revised courses developed under the grant.

“Looking to the future, many significant projects are in the works,” Skidmore said. “A number of faculty members are planning new international summer study seminars. DULAP will be offering Hindi for the first time next fall. Several faculty in the College of Business and Public Administration are exploring the possibility of a new international business internship program. Plus, the Center for Global Citizenship will host a “U.S. in the World” workshop this summer for local community activists in collaboration with Citizens for Global Solutions.”