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DU in the News

Branstad hits 7,642 days as governor Monday, setting national longevity record

Governor Terry Branstad, a Drake University alumnus, will become the longest serving governor in U.S. history on Monday night.
Radio Iowa

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz battle to become Trump alternative

Political Science Professor Dennis Goldford expects a direct confrontation between the two candidates in the fifth Republican Presidential Debate on Tuesday.
USA Today

Takeaways from Des Moines racial profiling forum

An audience of about 200 people attended a racial profiling forum in Des Moines, which was co-sponsored by The Des Moines Register and the NAACP at Drake University.
The Des Moines Register

Cruzin' to the Top; Is Ted Cruz Trump Lite?

Arthur Sanders, a political science professor at Drake University, says Cruz has been running his campaign at a marathon pace and it’s paying off.
Yahoo! Finance

Conference links strong soil, bottom line

A recent conference on soil health sponsored by the Drake University Agricultural Law Center focused on the relationship between water quality, soil health, and erosion.
Missouri Farmer Today

Economist lays out plan for West Des Moines in 2036

West Des Moines should diversify its economy and consider providing high speed Internet as a utility if it wants to attract millennials to live and work in the city, says Drake alumna Rebecca Ryan.
The Des Moines Register

Wells Fargo awards $200,000 grant to Drake University CBPA

Wells Fargo recently awarded a five-year, $175,000 grant to the Professional and Career Development Center in Drake University’s College of Business and Public Administration, along with an additional $25,000 grant to the data analytics program.
The Des Moines Register

Push To Make Ethanol A Player In Presidential Race

The Renewable Fuel Standard has been largely ignored by presidential candidates thus far, says Political Science Professor Dennis Goldford.

Young political junkies look to Iowa, not Washington D.C. for college

Rachel Paine Caufield, professor of American politics, advises students to go to Iowa if they're looking for hands-on political experience.

Reflections On A Campus Visit: What We Learned From Young Voters At Drake

NPR Producer Elizabeth Baker talked to students on Drake's campus about their involvement in politics in conjunction with the Democratic Debate.

Drake University students returning to race weekend for 4th year straight

For the fourth year in a row, a group of Drake students will travel to the Bahamas to take part in Sunshine Insurance Race Weekend.
The Bahamas Weekly

Kosovo to open consulate in downtown Des Moines

Besides putting Des Moines on the international map, the new consulate will also be good for business and regional education, says Associate Professor of Political Science Mahmoud Hamad.
The Des Moines Register

20 homeless photographers chronicle their lives in Des Moines

Drake University students recently handed out 20 disposable cameras at Central Iowa Shelter and Services and encouraged its temporary residents to capture a day in the life of the homeless here in Des Moines.
The Des Moines Register

Debate moderators aren't advocates

A presidential debate moderator's role is not to be an advocate for any particular political party or candidate, but to be as fair, objective, and non-partisan as possible, says Political Science Professor Dennis Goldford, the Flansburg Fellow at the Harkin Institute for Public Policy and Citizen Engagement.
The Des Moines Register

The Dem Debate: So, Who Won?

Anthony J. Gaughan, professor of law at Drake Law School, says Hillary Clinton was the clear winner of the Democratic presidential candidate debate on October 13.