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DU in the News

Community service an inspiration for pharmacy school

Kelsey Japs, a third-year PharmD candidate at Drake, co-wrote an article for the American Pharmacy Association on the importance of volunteering as a pharmacy student.
American Pharmacists Association

Lolo Jones begins Olympic quest at Drake Relays

Lolo Jones will begin her bid to make a third straight United States Olympic track team at the 2016 Drake Relays.
The Des Moines Register

Bulldogs tryout to be Drake's most beautiful

Over 80 English bulldogs entered a lottery to select the 50 competitors for Drake University's 37th Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest.
The Des Moines Register

Drake Relays official announces pole vault event location

Drake Relays Director Brian Brown announces Capital Square as the location for the men's and women's international pole vault event taking place Wednesday, April 27.
Yahoo! News

Pharmacists can boost health care options in rural areas

Drake University pharmacy student Andrew Wagner writes of the lack of local medical care and services in many rural areas of Iowa.
The Des Moines Register

Retirement living for 21-year-old

Drake University senior Haley Jenkins lives rent-free at a local retirement home in exchange for regular vocal music performances.

Learning how to teach in an increasingly diverse classroom

An innovative master's program developed by Drake University and the Des Moines Public School District trains a cohort of predominately white instructors to help students who come from very different backgrounds.
The Atlantic

Drake University in political spotlight

"Drake University has hosted more political-related events this presidential campaign season than perhaps any other college in the state of Iowa," reports WPVI-TV News in Philadelphia, Penn.
WPVI-TV (Philadelphia)

Why do the Iowa caucuses matter? Because everyone thinks they do.

Dennis Goldford, professor of political science, explains the logistics and significance of Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses.

Tips to pick the best Powerball numbers

The $500 million Powerball jackpot on Jan. 6 was the fourth largest prize in that game's history. Maryann Huey, assistant professor of mathematics, says there is no strategy that can increase the 1 in 292 million chance of winning.

Inaugural Transitions

Drake University trustees David W. Miles and Larry Zimpleman outline best practices for a governing board's most significant responsibility: selecting a new president.

Panel to discuss civility in politics, or its absence

The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University and The Des Moines Register are co-presenting a free panel discussion January 13 on the state of civil discourse in politics.

This is Iowa: Former foster kid fights to complete college

Drake senior Eddye Vanderkwaak came up through the foster system and will graduate from Drake on Dec. 19.

Morris earns national health fellowship

Drake alumna Michaela Gibson Morris is one of 12 journalists from across the country to receive a national reporting fellowship on health care issues.
The Daily Journal

Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa Announces New Chief Executive Officer

Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa has named Drake University alumna Beth Shelton as Chief Executive Officer of the organization.
KIOW Radio