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DU in the News

Ace the transition from full-time worker to full-time student

Kara Blanchard, assistant dean of admission and financial aid at Drake Law School, offers extensive advice for making a successful transition from full-time employee to full-time student.
Yahoo! Finance

Who should moderate the debates? A millennial.

Drake's student body president, Thalia Anguiano, is recognized for having brought an important perspective to the presidential primary debates when she asked Hillary Clinton, "What does white privilege mean to you?"
The Washington Post

Drake University uses new program to improve experience of minority students

Drake University launched a new program this year designed to help incoming first-year students of color acclimate to life at the university.

Watch the ritual of college move-in day

Drake University welcomed nearly 800 incoming first-year students to the residence halls on Wednesday, Aug. 24. KCCI chronicled the big day from the perspective of Aleeza Mandel, a health sciences major from Minneapolis, Minn.

Helping parents with the first day of school

Special programming can help parents of K-12 students handle the stress of sending kids off to school, says Tom Buckmiller, associate professor of education.
The Des Moines Register

How to Survive College Midterms

Renee Ann Cramer, director of Drake's Law, Politics, and Society program, provided Teen Vogue with one of her favorite tips for preparing for midterm exams.
Teen Vogue

Rural pride for small town LGBT

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack was keynote speaker at the Iowa LGBT Rural Summit, an event co-sponsored by Drake University Law School to foster conversation and share information with LGBT people, families, and the community.
Iowa Public Radio

19-Year-Old Republican Heading to Cleveland

Drake University student Westhenry Ioerger is attending the Republican party’s national convention as an alternate delegate.
The Atlantic

No, it's not a crime to share your Netflix password

Is it really a federal crime to share your Netflix password? "Highly unlikely," says Shontavia Johnson, director of the Intellectual Property Law Center at Drake University Law School.
The Des Moines Register

What's 'Pokemon Go' and why are Iowans in love with it?

Matthew Mitchell, assistant professor of international business, says Pokémon Go is the latest in a long string of innovative and interactive experiences from Nintendo.

Local Radio Host Shares Infant Granddaughter’s Battle With Dangerous Mosquito Virus

Geoff Wall , professor of pharmacy practice at Drake University, spoke with WHO-TV about the West Nile virus.

Support legislation for medically underserved towns

Pharmacy student Taylor Monson wrote a letter to the editor about the need for access to health care in rural Iowa.
The Des Moines Register

Online classes? Nights? What to consider before starting school.

Drake's new hybrid MBA program offers more flexibility to adult students who work full-time jobs and have other family and personal commitments.
The Des Moines Register

Drake senior balances worlds of school and motherhood

When Brytani Cavil became pregnant during her first year at Drake University, her classmates helped her juggle the complexities of academics and motherhood.

Faith in Iowa: How churches are hoping to put some people back in the pews

Timothy Knepper, chair of Drake's Department of Philosophy and Religion, explains how freedom of choice underlies shifting trends in religiosity in the United States.