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DU in the News

At Peabody Essex, 300 Years of Indian Chintzes

Fall exhibition in Manhattan will feature work by Phil Chen, professor of art and design.
The New York Times

Supreme Court gets input on changing bar exam rule

Ben Ullem, dean of the Drake University Law School, discusses diploma privilege and how allowing Iowa law graduates to practice without taking the bar exam would help students pay off debt more quickly.
Associated Press

Can higher education reinvent our ‘paralyzed and dysfunctional’ democratic process?

Drake University President David Maxwell co-authors this op-ed on how institutions of higher education can prepare students — and society at large — for productive civic engagement and find remedies for our gridlocked political environment.
The Hechinger Report

GOP travel itineraries offer clues to 2016 White House field

Dennis Goldford, professor of politics and international relations at Drake University, comments on the campaign activity in Iowa.
The Washington Times

Living on campus is worth moving day

Craig Owens, associate professor of English and director of the Center for Humanities at Drake University, discusses why living on-campus is worth the hassle of moving.
Des Moines Register

'Mr. Drake' Paul Morrison enters Register sports hall

Drake University’s beloved Paul Morrison is featured in a profile piece in the Des Moines Register.
Des Moines Register

5 ways colleges are preparing your future workforce

Drake University President David Maxwell and Jennifer McCrickerd, professor of philosophy, discuss digital natives.
Des Moines Business Record

5 tips to get Facebook to show brand’s content

Chris Snider, assistant professor of journalism at Drake University, discusses best practices for increasing your reach on Facebook.
Des Moines Register

Request to keep lawsuit secret extremely rare

Laurie Doré, professor of law, and Kathleen Richardson, professor of journalism, provide insight on why asking to keep a lawsuit secret is a rare move in Iowa's court system.
Des Moines Register

ADA anniversary raises pointed reminders of bipartisanship

Drake University's Harkin Institue for Public Policy and Citizen in Engagement hosts the 24th ADA Anniversary Roundtable, celebrating its accomplishments, but reminding attendees that the ADA's work is not finished.
Des Moines Register

Teachers Learn about Environment in Unexpected Place

Keith Summerville, associate professor of environmental science and department chair, leads environmental workshop for teachers.

UI College of Medicine opens up tech to outside researchers

Jerry Honts, associate professor of biology at Drake University, is participating in a unique program hosted by the University of Iowa's Carver College of Medicine where he is developing new professional relationships and advancing his research.

Drake students build dream jobs

The students participating in CBPA's Lorentzen New Venture Hatchery are featured in this story about starting their own businesses while still in school.

Presidential Contenders Head to Iowa

Rachel Paine-Caufield, associate professor of politics, offers insight on the political parade that will kick off in Iowa in the coming weeks.

Baseball skills program available to all kids

Dylan DeClerck, a sophomore studying marketing and finance, is expanding his sports clinic for inner-city youth thanks to the Lorentzen New Venture Hatchery program. DeClerck has more than 115 children in the Des Moines area participating in the clinic.
Des Moines Register