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DU in the News

Iowa counties' offers to firm raises questions about incentives

Matthew Mitchell, assistant professor of international business, comments on "competition" for direct foreign investment in Iowa.
Bloomberg Businesswek

Many voters in White House race have their minds already made up

Drake politics professor Dennis Goldford comments on the electoral college's role in the Presidential election.
Kansas City Star

Aiming for colleges that are generous with merit aid

Drake University is feature prominently as a top private university that gives a large amount in merit aid each year.
New York Times

YP Spotlight: 'Iowa gave me a lot of hope'

Drake Law School graduate Kevin Patrick, LW'12, is profiled.
Des Moines Register

Zach Johnson wins John Deere in British Open tuneup

Drake alumnus Zach Johnson won the John Deere Classic, for his ninth career PGA Tour victory.
USA Today

Modern day etiquette: Handle yourself like a pro

Drake Athletic Director Sandy Clubb Hatfield gives tips on how to keep the workplace professional, productive, and friendly.

How average Americans view high court's healthcare ruling

Drake professor Allen Zagoren comments on how physicians view the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act.
USA Today

Higher Ed: Sticker Price, Potential Earnings Can Be Deceptive

Drake University President David Maxwell and Board of Trustees Chair Larry D. Zimpleman write about issues impacting higher education in America.
Huffington Post

New lawyers, seeking jobs, are advised to think small

Drake University teamed up with the Iowa Bar Association to place law students in clerkships in rural Iowa towns.
Wall Street Journal

'Brave' puts new spin on princess tale

Drake psychology professor Maria Valdovinos comments on Brave and how princess stories can affect young girls.
Des Moines Register

Grim job prospects could scar today's college graduates

Drake graduate Jim Davis discusses his experience of landing a job right out of school.
USA Today

Scott Walker: What's next for GOP's supernova?

Dennis Goldford, professor of political science, comments on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's future career path.
Christian Science Monitor

State open records laws: Access rules vary by state

Kathleen Richardson, director of the Drake School of Journalism and Mass Communication, comments on open records laws in different states, including Iowa.
Huffington Post

My degree is in high demand

CNN Money

A look to the future

Des Moines Register