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Drake invites alumni to join faculty and students for 2010 China seminar

December 2, 2009
News Photo
A group from last year's trip gathers for a photo.
Drake invites alumni to learn about Chinese culture and the impact of global changes on the country in a summer seminar in China.

The seminar, titled "Considering China Today: Reading Its Past and Future in the Present," is a three-week, six-credit course focusing on history, cultural practices and politics. 

Those interested may enroll as auditing students for whom coursework is optional.

The trip to China is scheduled from May 24-June 11, 2010. Travel destinations include: 
  • Beijing
  • Tianjin 
  • Dunhuang Grotto and caves
  • Tibet 
  • Chongqing
  • Wudang Mountain
  • Shanghai 
  • Suzhou
Participants will have the opportunity to hear lectures from Chinese university faculty, interact with university students and visit with local Chinese families.
Drake professors also will hold pre-travel course sessions throughout spring 2010, which are required for students taking the seminar for college credit and optional for other participants auditing the course. 

The sessions will feature a number of documentary films that explore the social, political, philosophical and economic history of China.

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