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Best Law Schools Specialty Rankings: Intellectual Property Law

April 23, 2009
Ranked by US News & World Report magazine in the 2010 edition of "America's Best Graduate Schools"

1. Stanford University

Stanford, CA

2. University of California -- Berkeley

Berkeley, CA

3. George Washington University

Washington, D.C.

4. Columbia University

New York, NY

Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago-Kent)

Chicago, IL

6.Franklin Pierce Law Center

Concord, NH

7.University of Houston

Houston, TX

8. Santa Clara University

Santa Clara, CA

Yeshiva University (Cardozo)

New York, NY

10. Duke University

Durham, NC

11. Boston University

Boston, MA

12. Harvard University

Cambridge, MA

13. DePaul University

Chicago, IL

14. American University (Washington)

Washington, D.C.

John Marshall Law School

Chicago, IL

16. New York University

New York, NY

University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI

18. Fordham University

New York, NY

University of Washington

Seattle, WA

20. University of Texas -- Austin

Austin, TX

21. Drake University

Des Moines, IA

Georgetown University

Washington, D.C.

University of California -- Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

24. Yale University

New Haven, CT