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Renee Cramer

Associate Professor of Law, Politics and Society

College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Law, Politics and Society
Research Areas: American Indian law and politics; criminalization and legalization of certified professional midwifery; trends in home birth; popular culture treatment of pregnancy; cultural-political implications of Gardasil vaccine.
Courses: Introduction to Law, Politics, and Society; Critical Concepts in Law, Politics, and Society; The Promise of Equal Protection: The 14th Amendment; Reproductive Law and Politics; Critical Race and Feminist Theory; Race, Law, and Politics; Women and the Law;
Renee Cramer brings her expert political perspective and passion for human rights to bear on numerous issues including feminist theory, reproductive law and politics, contemporary American Indian law, and midwifery. She earned her Ph.D. in politics from New York University in 2001. She has three books in progress: one on midwifery activism, on the celebrity baby bump, and on legal visual semiotics of parenting in the built environment. She joined Drake's faculty in 2005. Other expertise areas: Gardasil immunization, sexual assualt on college campuses.