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Welcoming the Class of 2018

What does it mean to be a part of the Bulldog family—to say to the world, “I am Drake?” The University’s Class of 2018 is now wrestling with such big questions this fall as they settle into residence hall life, meet new friends, and expand their world through college coursework. Two days after moving in,...


Small Town Law

The facades along Main Street in Belle Plaine, Iowa, showcase the staples of small-town life. An independent pharmacy, a general store, a coffee shop. A single-screen movie theater—its marquee ringed in lightbulbs—and a hair salon—its windowsill filled with mannequins in brightly colored wigs. At one end of the street, in the center of this town...


Enhancing the Toolbox of Educators

As the classroom lights dim, students gather around a touch screen board displaying a webpage of the previous day’s homework assignment. While one student looks up a formula on their tablet, another posits a new way to solve trigonometry using a graphing calculator function. Collaborative, infused with technology, and evolving, science and math education isn’t...