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No Place Like Home

As the smell of fresh baked challah wafts through the air, more than 40 students take their places at rectangular dining tables. A stream of food rolls out of the kitchen while hungry chatter fills the dining room. Gathered around tables, under the Star of David on the mantle, members of Drake Hillel do something...



Pneumonia, or infection of the lung(s), can be severely debilitating—even fatal—to those who are at risk. For people living with health issues such as diabetes, a heart condition, or an autoimmune disease, pneumonia can be particularly dangerous. “I think most people don’t think of pneumonia as a life-threatening disease, “ says Nicholas Lehman, assistant professor...


Communication Innovation

After a quick stop at the bustling Times-Delphic office to format a story for the Web, junior Sarah Fulton treks into the depths of Meredith Hall to record a radio spot for 94.1 The Dog. That same evening brings her and her camera in front of Old Main for a photo shoot, then to the...