Several Drake Law faculty members attended this year’s Association of American Law Schools (AALS) annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Many presented on topics within their specialties and were appointed to leadership positions. Here are some highlights:

Professor Natalie Lynner and fellow panelists/leadership

Professor Jeremy Kidd was elected to the Executive Board of the Business Associations Section and reelected to the Executive Committee of the Section on Agency, Partnerships, LLCs, and Unincorporated Entities. He also acted as Drake’s delegate to the AALS House of Delegates.

Professor Natalie Lynner contributed to the Section on Trusts and Estates program with her presentation entitled, “Reexamining Trust Privacy.”

Professor Nickole Miller appeared on a panel discussing Children’s Rights & Voices in the Era of Parents’ Rights. Her presentation emphasized the need for diverse perspectives from children.

Professor Nickole Miller

Professor Joe Schomberg took part in the main panel for the Section on Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights, discussing “Research Methods in Bankruptcy.”

Professor Jennifer Zwagerman assumed the role of chair of the Food and Agricultural Law Section for the coming year and remains on the Executive Committee of the Animal Law Section.

Professor Melissa Weresh participated in programs in the Section on New Law Professors and the Section on Women in Legal Education. Her presentation in the New Law Professors program, “Swimming Like the Sharks: Planning a High-Impact Academic Career,” delved into the challenges and strategies for success for new law professors to create a significant academic footprint.

In the Women in Legal Education program Weresh’s presentation, “Feminism, the Development of Professional Identity, and Implementing Standard 303(b),” explored the relationship between professional identity formation, feminism, and the revised accreditation Standard 303(b) from the ABA Council on Legal Education.