Drake University’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (CPHS) is pleased to announce a new online degree program, the Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology, that will equip psychologists with the necessary courses and knowledge to be certified in Iowa and other states to prescribe medications for patients that they treat. The program will meet criteria for the American Psychological Association (APA) Designation. In addition, a Graduate Certificate in Psychopharmacotherapy will be offered to professional degree students and practicing professionals. 

With an increasing need for mental health care, many healthcare professionals are assisting with the treatment of mental health disorders. An important component of treating mental health disorders is pharmacotherapy but many of the medications are complex and require judicious management.  

The MS in Clinical Psychopharmacology addresses a major gap in the delivery of mental healthcare by providing concentrated training on pharmacotherapy medications for doctorally-trained clinical psychologists. 

Launching in the fall of 2022, the MS in Psychopharmacology consists of 30 credit hours of didactic course work followed by a practicum/fellowship. The courses are offered online with two mandatory, in-person laboratory assessments. 

The Psychopharmacotherapy Certificate consists of nine online credit hours of course work in psychopharmacology, and three credit hours of elective course work. The certificate is available to health care prescribers as well as other practitioners who wish to increase their knowledge of psychopharmacotherapy.  

“Offering these programs allows the CPHS to use our expertise to help bridge the gap in the provision of mental health care,” said Renae Chesnut, dean and professor.