Drake Law 3L Rachel Payton has been invited to speak to a group of women in Belarus as part of World Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. The program is hosted by ProWomen By, a non-profit that provides support and training to women in business in Belarus. She joins speakers from Belarus, Ukraine, and the United States who will share stories about their career paths and knowledge gained along the way. Payton will present “The Top Three Universal Lessons I have Learned as an Entrepreneur.”

As an undergraduate marketing major at Jackson State University, Payton helped found the Center for Social Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit committed to developing talent and supporting education and business opportunities for members of the local community. The experience inspired her to enroll at Drake Law School to expand her knowledge base and further develop practical skills for career success. By her 2L year, she had formed Southern Country Investments LLC, a business development, project management, and virtual assistance business dedicated to developing assets and resources that will have a positive impact on her community.

Payton credits Drake Law for giving her the practical skills that make her a better businesswoman. “I was already negotiating with potential clients and drafting my own contracts based on my own research and pre-law school knowledge,” said Payton. “Drake Law School courses, like contract drafting and negotiations, for example, took my skills to another level. It’s saving me time and giving me a high success rate, both of which I love.”

Outside of the classroom, Payton serves as president of the International Law Society, program director of the Black Law Student Association, member of the Christian Legal Society, and Admission’s Ambassador. As a 1L, she was selected to participate in the Cady Law Opportunity Fellowship Program. She has held clerkships and internships with local firms and organizations exploring issues including civil rights, public policy, business law. She is currently working on an individual research project that explores grassroots solutions to build back dilapidated communities from a legal perspective.

Payton is looking forward to sharing her knowledge to inspire and empower women entrepreneurs in Belarus and at home in her own communities. “As a social entrepreneur, I am committed to supporting individuals who want to form successful businesses that will strengthen their communities.” 

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