The College of Business and Public Administration at Drake University is rolling out a new undergraduate business law degree program to provide students with expertise in how businesses operate in an increasingly complex and dynamic legal environment. The major is designed for aspiring lawyers and other students who want to have a more thorough understanding of how to practically apply existing laws and regulations in a business environment so they can pursue the many rewarding careers that exist at the intersection of business and law.

“In every area of business in the U.S. and around the world, the private sector and the law are increasingly intertwined. Business professionals who can interpret, respond, and anticipate the legal and regulatory climate are more highly valued than ever,” said Alejandro Hernandez, dean of the College of Business and Public Administration.

The new business law major has coursework which emphasizes a systematic framework for analyzing statutes, regulations, case law, contracts, and policy while considering corresponding business risks and liabilities. Through this program, students will develop superior writing, problem-solving and analytical skills, alongside strong communication and presentations skills so that they can interpret and explain complex information both verbally and in writing.

“In addition to being a strong platform from which to enter law school, our new business law degree will prepare students to immediately begin a career in human resources, compliance, or risk management in insurance, banking, securities, real estate, or any other highly regulated industry in roles that require expertise and skill in making business decisions in the context of the law,” added Hernandez.