Sandy Henry, a professor in the Drake School of Journalism and Mass Communication, has been named chair of the Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts for a three-year term beginning in 2021. She will be “chair in training” during the 2020 convention.
The Festival is an international digital media and broadcast competition encompassing 17 faculty and student competitions. Last year, the Festival received more that 1,500 entries from more than 300 schools, awarding 295 entries – including 15 Best of Festival awards worth $15,000 in prize money. It is sponsored by the Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to educational excellence and professional development that actively supports a variety of media-related educational programs. More can be found at
Henry has been an active in the Festival for years, serving in leadership roles in organizing and judging the competition. She teaches creative advertising, visual communication and design, digital media production and senior capstones in the Drake SJMC. Henry came to academia after a career in advertising, marketing and communication, and digital media production.