Home School of Journalism and Mass Communication SJMC Monday Memo | July 2, 2018

SJMC Monday Memo | July 2, 2018

SJMC ad alum describes her career trajectory

Lauren Hong, JO’07, describes her journey from advertising major and Drake student body president to Fulbright scholar and now president of her own marketing firm based in San Diego: http://sdvoyager.com/interview/meet-communications-bay-ho/ Lauren is a member of Drake’s national alumni board.

Study abroad in Chile during January Term

Universidad de los Andes in Santiago, Chile, a Drake international partner, invites students to participate in its next January 2019 short-term programs.

UAndes is launching two new programs along with its Go Spanish program. These programs are part of the Exchange, so students from Drake don´t have to pay tuition, only the administration fee that includes Spanish classes, cultural trips and some meals. Students are also responsible for travel and living expenses.

“GO Chile and APEC”

Chile will be hosting the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summit in 2019! Learn about the Asia-Pacific trade systems and the upcoming challenges for the Region in the Chilean context.

Dates: Jan. 3-23, 2019  (Apply until: Nov 19) Administration fee: $550 

“GO Chilean Culture”

Discover Chile! Interactive and dynamic program with classes and activities that offer an insight to the Chilean and Latin American Culture.

Dates: Jan. 3-23, 2019  (Apply until: Nov 19) Administration fee: $550 

“GO Spanish”

Learn Spanish with our Intensive four-week course of Spanish as a Foreign Language (90 contact hours)

Dates: Jan. 3-30, 2019  (Apply until: Nov 19) Special price for partners: $1,100 

In this link you can watch a video with an overview of the programs:

Live the UANDES experience : https://youtu.be/tZPEeof0yng

Chilean Lunch : https://youtu.be/lzJlOSrN220

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