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Professor publishes book on eating disorder recovery

Professor of Education Catherine Gillespie, associate dean of the Drake University School of Education, has published an academic book on eating disorder recovery.

Putting Together the Puzzle Pieces of Eating Disorder Recovery draws on a combination of scholarly research, professional expertise, and personal narrative to chronicle the recovery process for multiple eating disorders. The 250-page book is particularly useful to counselors, therapists, patients, loved ones, and those who are currently recovering from an eating disorder.

“It is possible to fully recover from eating disorders, but it’s complex,” Gillespie said, noting the recovery process is often under-discussed in research and popular media.

Gillespie wrote the book during the 2016-2017 academic year. She has worked with fellow scholars as well as undergraduate students to conduct numerous studies on eating disorder recovery and relapse. These include interviews with women in recovery and surveys of mental health practitioners in the U.S. and other countries.

Gillespie weaves her personal story into the book, creating an accessible hybrid of self-help tactics and academic research studies.

“My voice is present throughout the book, and there are examples from my own experience in every chapter,” Gillespie said.

The book is available on Amazon in paper and kindle version.