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Soltis leads Butler University’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Robert Soltis, who has taught pharmacology and health sciences courses at Drake University since 1992 and was the Ellis and Nelle Levitt Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology, was appointed Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS) at his alma mater, Butler University.20160607_Bob_Soltis_Departure_Reception0028

The Drake College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences hosted a farewell party for Soltis in June to celebrate 24 years of commitment to Drake University.

A typical CPHS farewell party involves a light roast of the parting colleague. Professor Chuck Phillips pointed out that Soltis is very hard to roast because it was difficult to find critical things to say about him.

Dean Chesnut ended the speeches sharing some traits of a Bulldog that were reflective of Soltis.  “They are kind, resolute, courageous, dignified, peaceful and tenacious,” Chesnut said.

During his 24 years at Drake, Soltis was involved in a variety of innovative projects, including leading efforts to renovate lab spaces and developing and implementing a new undergraduate degree in health sciences. In addition, he has been engaged in strategic planning and earned a reputation for being an excellent teacher, scholar, and collaborative, transparent leader. He also served as Faculty Senate president.

Soltis served as Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Administrative Sciences in Drake’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences from 2003-2012 and has been a full Professor since 2007. In 2000-2001, he was a Visiting Scientist at Pioneer Hi-Bred International in Johnston, Iowa.

Soltis earned his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (cum laude) from Butler and his doctorate in Pharmacology/Toxicology at the Indiana University School of Medicine in 1991. His wife, Denise, and their twin daughters, Abby and Sarah, are all Butler alumni. (Their daughter Emily graduated from Bradley University.)

“While I did not get a degree from Drake, I did get an education through my interactions with many of the faculty, staff and administrators that I was fortunate to work with,” Soltis said at his farewell party.

See more photos from the party at the CPHS Facebook page below.