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Drake University Statement on DOE/OCR Complaint

The  U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights recently made Drake University administrators aware that a complaint has been filed by a Drake student regarding the University’s resolution of a sexual assault case. Due to privacy and confidentiality, the University cannot share any specifics about the case. The University is committed to ensuring the Department has the full cooperation of the University in conducting a thorough and objective review of the complaint.

Let me be clear—sexual violence of any kind is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at Drake University,” said Drake University President David Maxwell.

As a community, Drake has been proactive in addressing the very serious issue of sexual misconduct. Those efforts have produced positive results, but the University will always strive to do better. Drake is dedicated to the prevention of sexual assault through education, institutional oversight, and clear, vigorously enforced policies. And while the University has put in place strong policies to prevent, report and address sexual assault and violence, it is the responsibility of all members of our campus community to create a culture that reflects Drake’s values, and to behave in a manner that is consistent with those values.

Nearly three years ago, Drake administrators created the Office for Sexual Violence Response and Healthy Relationship Promotion that is staffed by a full time professional. Additionally, the University has a comprehensive array of resources dedicated to both prevention and response that includes educational outreach programs and counseling and academic support services for victims. More information can be found at https://wwww.drake.edu/sexual-assault.

A list of services, many of which can be provided confidentially, is published in the University’s student resource guide. The website contains information about how Drake is able to assist victims of sexual misconduct; it also contains contact information for the Office of Sexual Violence Response and Healthy Relationship Promotion, Public Safety, the University Counseling Center, the Drake Student Health Center, the Violence Intervention Partner program, and other campus resources.

Drake’s core values as a University community include dedication to mutual respect and to collective responsibility for each other’s safety and well-being. When someone’s behavior betrays those values, all members of the University community have a moral and legal obligation to take appropriate action in a manner that is consistent with stated policies and procedures.