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Literacy Education Professor Publishes Article

Visiting Assistant Professor of Literacy Education, Elizabeth Beschorner, recently published an article entitled, “Using the iPad as a tool to support literacy instruction,” in the publication Technology, Pedagogy and Education.

The purpose of this case study was to examine how iPads could be integrated into literacy instruction in a fourth-grade classroom in ways consistent with new conceptions of literacy and in ways that transform traditional literacy instruction by supporting readers in creating multimodal responses to reading. Results indicate that several features of the iPad support literacy instruction, a context in which both traditional literacy skills and new literacies must be taught. Data analysis revealed the following four themes that characterize the ways in which classroom instruction was supported by integrating iPads: (1) choosing new ways to communicate a message; (2) detailed work and revision; (3) spontaneous collaboration and (4) student interest and attention to the tasks. Results indicate that features of the iPad may provide a simplified path to integrating technology into literacy instruction.