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Today Show calls Des Moines ‘Wealthiest U.S. City’

Des Moines Sculpture Park

Among the many accolades given Des Moines, NBC’s Today Show added icing to the cake with the most recent title of “Wealthiest City.” How do they figure? Easy – the people, the low cost of living, and the exceptional opportunities.

The attention from the Today Show was sparked by recent rankings of Des Moines such as #1 Best City for Business and Careers (Forbes), #1 Best Place in U.S. for Young Professionals (Forbes), one of America’s most productive cities (Martin Prosperity Institute), and the list goes on.

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In fact, Des Moines is getting so much attention lately that Chris Cillizza from the Washington Post followed up with a piece called, “Why Iowa rules – in 12 steps.”

Des Moines at Night

You’ll want to see the list for yourself, but suffice it to say it includes the proximity to presidential candidates during election time, favorite area restaurants, RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa – sponsored by The Des Moines Register), and Raygun, a local t-shirt shop making national press.

The article references a piece written by Adam Nagourney for the New York Times in December 2007 where he says, “I’m not sure I would go so far as to say that Des Moines has become a vacation destination. But it has most certainly become cool. More than that, if you have any desire to witness presidential candidates in the most close-up and intimate of settings, there is arguably no place better to go than Des Moines.”

Read Cillizza’s “Why Iowa rules – in 12 steps.”


Des Moines is also a great place to enjoy modern art or classic architecture, experience metropolitan amenities or explore scenic bicycle trails. The city’s diverse offerings include the antique shops and one-of-a-kind boutiques of historic Valley Junction; downtown’s lively East Village and Court Avenue districts; a zoo, science center, art museum, and the annual Des Moines Art Festival, which is ranked among the top fine art festivals in the country.

In the words of Chris Cillizza, “Iowa is, in a word, so hot right now.”