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Courard-Hauri earns funding for STEM curriculum development

David Courard-Hauri, associate professor of environmental science and program chair, received a $4,961 grant through the Iowa Space Grant Consortium. He received the funding for his project titled, “STEM Curriculum Development: Sophomore-Level Case Study Analysis.” The project will develop a case study-based course directed at second-year students.

“This grant will help us develop an innovative, exciting experience for our sophomore-level majors that I will remind students what they love about the sciences,” says Courard-Hauri.

One goal of the course is to increase retention for STEM majors, particularly among students not well served by the standard science curriculum. Additional goals include helping students develop critical thinking skills, and helping students identify the critical roles that each of the various disciplines play in problem analysis to motivate interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary thinking and learning.

For more information, contact David Courard-Hauri at 515-271-3812 or david.courard-hauri@drake.edu..