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Social Media Strategies class creates one-second video

Drake’s social media strategies class took on a challenge from Drake’s admissions office and created a completely crowdsourced video showing what student life is like at Drake University.

The admission office is trying to get more potential students to visit Drake. The class decided the best way to do that was to create content that students would share in their social networks. Each student who shared the content would potentially reach hundreds of younger friends still in high school.

The end result was a compilation of one-second videos submitted by students.

More than 50 students contributed to the 90-second video, titled #drakeunfiltered, and it was viewed more than 1,100 times on YouTube.

“I was very impressed,” said assistant professor Chris Snider, who teaches the class. “The success of this project was entirely based on their ability to get others to contribute. They had to prove they had social influence.”