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Retired Teacher Inspires SOE Students

Retired Des Moines Public School teacher, administrator, and Drake alum, Mr. John Ligouri, addressed Dr. Shelley Fairbairn’s Learning and Assessment students on Thursday, September 19 as part of the classroom management and motivation unit for the class. He discussed key principles that he refers to as “Rules of the Game,” as well as important concepts related to both classroom management and motivation.

In addressing his “Rules of the Game,” Mr. Ligouri emphasized the need for teachers to respect their students and to seek out guidance from others. In terms of classroom management, highlights included the importance of lesson planning and record-keeping. His discussion of motivation emphasized the importance of keeping all students engaged throughout instruction and incorporating humor.

Dr. Fairbairn commented, “It’s always such a pleasure to have John speak to my students. He brings course concepts to life with examples from his own 38-year career in education. They especially enjoy the many stories that he weaves into his presentation.”