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Harkin Institute: Frequently Asked Questions


How much will this cost and how is the University paying for it?
The anticipated fundraising target for the Institute and Archives, including an endowment, is $10 million. The Institute will be a powerful vehicle in carrying out Drake University’s mission of engaged citizenship and in implementing our current Strategic Plan’s powerful focus on service to the local, regional, and national communities. In this context, fundraising to support the operations of the Harkin Archive and the Harkin Institute will become an integral component of our distinctlyDrake comprehensive fundraising initiative. No funds have been diverted from other priorities.

Will the Archives or the Institute have a political slant to them because they are named after a Democratic politician?
Neither the Archives nor the Institute will have a political slant.

Why is Iowa State University’s former president on the Institute’s National Advisory Council?
As one of the original architects of the vision for the Archives and Institute, the University is delighted that Gregory Geoffroy is willing to provide advice and counsel as chair of the National Advisory Council as we move forward.

Why will the Institute and Archives be located at Drake?
We were honored to be approached by Senator and Mrs. Harkin with this opportunity and were focused on helping them find a home for such important papers. Their vision for this project was in line with our objectives, and we were pleased to come to a mutually acceptable and beneficial agreement.

What else will be housed in the Drake Archives?
As an institute of higher learning, we are always interested in additional collections and papers that will enhance the educational opportunities for our students.

Will the University ensure academic freedom when it comes to research conducted at the Institute?
In keeping with Drake University’s core commitment to academic freedom, there will be no constraints on the Institute’s research or programming other than relevance to the Institute’s mission and intent.

Who will direct the Institute? Who is on the board?
We are currently seeking a director for the Institute and will make an announcement at the conclusion of that search. The National Advisory Council, chaired by Gregory Geoffroy, also includes Michael Gartner, Ruth Harkin, Rachel McLean, Sally Pederson, Angela Franklin, Steve Roberts, and Charlie Cook.

What is the timeline for the Archives and Institute?
Construction of the Drake Archives, located inside Cowles Library, will commence immediately. Sen. Harkin’s historical materials will be transferred in stages, with most of the materials coming to Drake after he leaves office in 2014. The National Advisory Council will begin working to finalize a timeline for the Institute, including the hiring of staff and developing programming.