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Therapy dogs combat stress at Drake Law

Law students at Drake University are currently in exam preparation mode, so the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) invited the ARL Ambass-A-Bulls to hang out with the students this week for a little stress reliever. The story is on the front page of the Metro section in the The Des Moines Register.

Three certified therapy dogs were involved in the event during the week preceding final exams. Cash, Porsche, and Kyra provided some much needed therapy to over 70 students and numerous faculty as they prepared to take (and grade) final exams.

SALDF would like to thank the handlers Camille Jungck, Lisa Gibbons, Stephanie Filer, and Tony & Ashley Meyer for volunteering their time, and Professors Shelton, Anderson, and Miller for their help initiating the therapy dog program here at Drake.

Each of the dogs who visited are considered “pit bull-type” dogs, and were specifically chosen to help raise awareness about the mischaracterization of certain breeds of dog as vicious and the legal restrictions placed on them.

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