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Two Drake Law students balance law school and family

Lori and Tom Bullock both had the goal of attending law school before they met at Iowa State University.  They never lost sight of that goal and they are currently in their second year at Drake Law.  But something makes the Bullocks different than many other students…the Bullocks are attending law school together while also raising their two children.

Both Lori and Tom worked in the financial sector upon graduating from Iowa State University.  After the birth of their youngest daughter, they knew that it was “now or never” if they wanted to achieve their goal of attending law school.  They studied for the LSAT together, took the exam together, applied to law schools together, were accepted to Drake Law together, and then spent the summer trying to prepare themselves for law school…together…with children.

“We learned very quickly that we needed to treat law school like a job, showing up at 8 a.m. and utilizing every minute in the day possible until leaving at 5 p.m. to go back to parenting.  When the girls went to bed, we would finish our studies” stated Lori of their adjustment to being back in school with a family.

The Bullocks also made a commitment to take advantage of every opportunity that they could while in law school.  They both competed in the C. Edwin Moore first year moot court competition and attended numerous social and networking events.  “There was an added level of difficulty when we both wanted to attend an event as we had to find someone to watch the kids, but we made it work.”

The Bullocks both obtained jobs with local firms during their 1L summer and treated their girls to a vacation at the end of the summer to thank them for their understanding and helpfulness during the school year.

Now, currently in their 2L year, the Bullocks continue to be active in law school activities while balancing family and school.

“We try very hard to balance our classes and desire to get as much out of our law school experience as possible with our responsibilities as parents.  Law school has not always been easy but it has been very rewarding so far.”

Tom is a member of the arbitration team and also the ABA Moot Court team.  Lori is a member of the National Moot Court team, a 2L representative for the Student Bar Association, and a research assistant.  Both Lori and Tom are junior staff on Drake Law Review.

Drake Law School emphasizes the importance of striking a work, life balance while in law school and the Bullocks are a wonderful example of how this can be done.  Their shared goal of attending law school has been accomplished and their new goal of continuing to be wonderful parents and practicing attorneys will soon be realized as well.