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Des Moines: A great option for young professionals

With accolades like Forbes #4 “Best Places for Business and Careers” (June, 2012) and #1 “Best City for Young Professionals” (July, 2011), who wouldn’t choose Des Moines for law school?

“I enjoyed being in close proximity to both firms/businesses and school. It allowed me to work in the legal field during law school, gain valuable experience and land a good job immediately after graduation,” said Sydney Conrad-Cook, LW’08. “I like that Des Moines is big enough to have lots of opportunities, but is small enough to establish a strong sense of community. It helps foster a friendly Bar [association] and helps young professionals when they embark on their careers.”

Des Moines is an optimal choice for a new professional taking a stab at the real world. The National Association for Law Placement ranks Des Moines as a top 40 city in buying power for new lawyers. “The relative buying power of the dollar in any two cities is very important when comparing the nominal dollar amounts of the salaries in those two cities,” according to their website. Of cities in the Midwest, Des Moines ranks among the top ten.

Sara Laughlin, LW’07, originally from New Richmond, Wisc., said, “I had no intention of staying in Iowa upon graduation, but I liked Des Moines so well and had made such good friends, as well as professional connections, that I could not leave when I graduated. It’s clear that Des Moines will be my home, and it’s where I’m raising my family and nurturing my career. I found nothing but friendship, connection, and opportunity at Drake.”

Young professionals are not the only ones that draw from the Des Moines community. Current students also find there are many benefits to attending law school in a city this size. “Coming from a large city, I didn’t have high expectations for Des Moines, but I have been pleasantly surprised. From dining to entertainment to nightlife, Des Moines has more to offer than I ever expected. Also, being that Drake is the only law school in the city, students have the opportunity for clerkships and internships with a number of legal organizations, whether at a large firm or Legal Aid or anything in between,” said Jacob Lantry, a second-year law student from St. Paul.

“While Drake Law School and its practical approach to a legal education originally brought me to Des Moines, the professional connections and relationships I developed while in law school have kept me here,” said Caroline Bettis, a 2012 graduate, originally from the Kansas City area. “I am happy to say Des Moines is now my home and it is a privilege to practice law in such a civilized and professional legal community. Additionally, I have been pleasantly surprised by all the city itself has to offer outside the legal community. From art and music festivals to nationally recognized political and athletic events, Des Moines is an ever growing city full of life.”

Des Moines does not only allow a positive work/life balance, but it encourages it. This benefits current students looking ahead to life after college as well as the young professional establishing their careers in Iowa’s capital city.

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