Home Law School News Thursday final exams postponed due to inclement weather

Thursday final exams postponed due to inclement weather

As you may know, there is a blizzard warning beginning at 6pm Wednesday, December 19 and continuing until 6pm Thursday, December 20. The DOT does not recommend travel from 8pm Wednesday to noon on Thursday.

All law school exams scheduled for Thursday, December 20 are now cancelled. Exams will be held on the scheduled snow day, Friday, December 21 at the times originally scheduled for Thursday.

  • 1Ls should report between 7:15 and 7:45am Friday.
  • Flex Exam takers should report between 12:45 and 1:15pm Friday.
  • ADA or ESL accommodated students should report at 8:30am Friday.

We have been informed that flights are being cancelled. If you have booked a flight out before the exam will be over, please plan accordingly when you reschedule your flight. Please note that the exam rules and procedures state make up exams are provided “…In the discretion of the Dean’s office for extraordinary circumstances. (Air or other transportation scheduling concerns shall not constitute extraordinary circumstances).” In addition, 1Ls were advised during the exam seminar not to schedule flights out of Des Moines until Friday afternoon in case of a snow emergency.

If you have questions about the exam schedule, please e-mail Dean Lain at erin.lain@drake.edu or Dean Hennan at bill.hennan@drake.edu.

The law library will close at 7:30pm, Wednesday, December 19. If the University is closed on Thursday, the law library will reopen when the University reopens. Check the University hotline to determine when the University is open. The University cancellation line is 271-4545.

Staff should check the university hotline to see if university offices are open. Your first obligation is your personal safety, so please use your discretion before attempting to come in to the University.