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Elementary School Students Attend Drake University

On a rainy cold day on Oct. 25, the fourth and fifth grade students who participate in the gifted program at Perry Elementary, were off to their first day at Drake University.

The group of students attended professor Kathy Fejes’ education class at Cowles Library. The education students had prepared 10 challenge centers designed for gifted students. Following class at the library, the students were taken on tours of Drake’s campus by volunteer college students who shared their plans for their futures with the elementary students as the tour progressed. The tour started with checking out the library and many of its offerings to students. The students marveled at the coffee and pastry options.

The next stop on the tour was Moorehouse, the oldest residence hall on Drake’s campus. After getting a good idea of what living in the dorms is like, the children participated in Moorehouse’s annual Haunted House. The students then visited the recreational facilities and the dining hall.

Drake had never hosted a group this young, but thanks to Deneen Dygert and the Office of Admissions, the children were able to participate in a great experience. The students returned to Perry Elementary hoping to make their college dreams a reality.