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Drake SJMC spring 2013 registration information

These are things you need to DO BEFORE your scheduled registration day:

  1. Meet with your adviser. Be prepared with a plan and your degree audit when meeting with your adviser. You can set up an appointment by writing your name on the appointment sheet posted on your adviser’s door or email. After your meeting, write down your plan with CRN’s and different options if your 1st choices of classes fill up.
  2. If you plan to declare a new major, minor, concentration or endorsement, you must declare this before 4:30 p.m. Monday, October 22. To make a change to your degree program, you will need to visit the Journalism and Mass Communication Dean’s Office, or the college/school office of the impacted major, minor, concentration or endorsement and complete change of record paperwork.
  3. If you have a hold(s) on your account, you will need to remedy this prior to your registration time. If you have questions about a financial hold, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 515-271-2151.
  4. If you have a health center hold because you’ve yet to submit your medical history form, you can download the form at www.drake.edu/health/download.php.
  5. For the first two weeks of registration, you may register for a maximum of 17 hours. After these two weeks, the maximum hours will be lifted to 18. To take more than 18 credit hours, please complete a request to take more than 18 hours form. You can pick a form up outside the Journalism Dean’s Office, or download the form at: www.drake.edu/studentrecords/forms/Overload.php. Please submit the form to the SJMC Student Support Services office BEFORE your registration day. Note: Students taking more than 18 hours are assessed an overload fee per credit hour for each hour over 18.
  6. If you’ve yet to submit a transcript from a course(s) taken at another institution, please submit an official transcript to Drake’s Office of Student Records as soon as possible. An official transcript is one sent from another institution to Drake.

Things to know about registration

  • Registration for spring 2013 courses begins on Monday, October 29th. When you register is based on credit hours you’ve earned. The registration is posted on the Student Services tab of blueView.
  • Student Records will post on blueview a list of ‘restricted courses’. These are courses that have a temporary field -of -study restrictions in addition to their permanent restrictions. This time October 29th through November 9th is referred to as Phase I.
  • Online wait lists may be employed for certain sections that become full. Note the following important information pertaining to online wait lists:
    The same prerequisites and registration restrictions that apply to the course also apply to the wait list for the course.
    Students must place themselves on the wait list through blueView.
    Students must wait-list themselves for all components of a course that includes a lecture, lab, and/or discussion component.
    For more details about wait listing check the Student Services tab and read on.
    If any of the restricted courses become full, their online wait list will be activated. No paper wait lists will be used for the set of restricted courses. The same field-of-study restrictions that are required to register for the course also will apply to the wait list.
  • Phase II – Begins on Monday, November 12th the restrictions are dropped and anyone may register for the list of classes that were restricted.
  • If the course is full, you may place yourself on the course waitlist.
    To ensure that those who truly need a course are allowed access to it, the following policy is in effect:
    • You may only place yourself on one waitlist for a section. if you are able to register for one section of a course, you cannot then waitlist yourself for a different section of that course; you are either registered for one section or waitlisted for one section of a course. this policy was agreed on by all colleges/schools. anyone in violation of this policy is subject to be dropped from a course’s waitlist.
    • Waitlists are managed by each college/school office the class is connected to.


  • Watch for emails concerning updates about the registration process.
  • Registration will be reviewed for all first year students taking JMC 030 before your registration times begin.
  • If you’re studying abroad, you will be contacted by Carla McCrea after you have been registered with a fulltime status schedule. We will register you on the day and time which you’re allowed to register based on the credit hours you’ve earned. If you have questions or changes to your schedule contact Carla or your adviser.
  • Carla will be available during registration from 7:00 am until 4:00 each day of registration.

Please call: 271-2838
Email: Carla.mccrea@drake.edu
Or my office in Room 119 in Meredith Hall