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DUSCI Science Colloquium series speakers announced

The Drake Undergraduate Science Collaborative Institute (DUSCI) will host four events during the fall semester as part of its annual science colloquium series. The series features Drake University faculty and community speakers. All events are free and open to the public.

Come with a Dwolla Account!
Sept. 14, 12–12:50 p.m., Olin 206
James Armstead, builder, Dwolla

Dwolla allows users to connect to their social community and location to share and spend money via smartphone or computer. Armstead will discuss his role as a builder and how computer science is used at the startup.

Genetic variation and sulfonamide drug hypersensitivity
Oct. 5, 12–12:50 p.m., Olin 206
James Sacco, assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences, Drake University

Sacco will discuss his research into the severe adverse reactions sometimes associated with sulfonamide drugs, as well as its implications in other areas of study, such as lung cancer.

Life After Drake: My Life’s Journey and the Lessons I Learned
Oct. 10, 7 p.m., Bulldog Theatre
Dr. Amy Bingaman, AS’97, Iowa Health Systems

Dr. Bingaman will discuss the path that took her from nursing student, to Drake University undergraduate, to medical school, and into professional practice.

Cardiovascular deconditioning, depression, and cardiac arrhythmias: mechanisms and targets
Nov. 2, 12–12:50 p.m., Olin 206
Julia Moffitt, associate professor of physiology and pharmacology, Des Moines University

Moffitt will discuss the relationship between cardiovascular disease and psychological depression. She will also cover the investigation of the autonomic nervous system in mediating the increased susceptibility to cardiac arrhythmias.

For more information about the DUSCI science colloquium series speakers, visit www.drake.edu/dusci/events.php, or contact Maria Valdovinos, director of DUSCI, at maria.valdovinos@drake.edu.