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Biology professor working as a fellow in the FUTURE program

Debora Christensen, assistant professor of biology, is a fellow in the Fostering Undergraduate Talent – Uniting Research and Education (FUTURE) in biomedicine program at the University of Iowa. As a fellow, Christensen conducts research investigating novel roles of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) receptor in pregnancy.

Christensen is one of the five fellows selected to participate in the FUTURE program this summer. Selected fellows are from Iowa colleges that do not offer doctoral programs. The program develops research and learning partnerships between Iowa colleges.

“It [the research] has allowed me to establish important collaborations with colleagues that may continue into future research endeavors,” she said.

Christensen is working in the lab of Deborah Segaloff, University of Iowa molecular physiology and biophysics professor. FUTURE also supports an undergraduate student from each fellow’s home institution. Working alongside Christensen is Kristin Dahlem, a Drake University junior biology major.

“The research is an opportunity to expand my research repertoire, gain new skills, and have access to equipment and tissues that would be otherwise difficult to obtain,” Christensen says.

Drake University faculty has participated twice in the FUTURE program previously—Chinh Dao, assistant professor of biology, was a fellow in 2010, and Jerry Honts, associate professor of biology, was a fellow in 2009.

Visit https://www.healthcare.uiowa.edu/futurebiomedicine/ for more information about the FUTURE in biomedicine program.