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Senator Jack Whitver on life as legislator and Drake law student

Many law students have the goal of becoming a legislator, but few realize this goal while still in law school. Senator Jack Whitver, a Drake Law 3L, has done just that.

Senator Whitver explained that being a legislator and law student simultaneously has required hard work and flexibility. He stated that “Halfway through my 2L year at Drake Law School, when I was elected to the Iowa State Senate, I was concerned how I could possibly be a good student and an effective legislator. Drake has been great to work with and has allowed me the flexibility to be successful at both. I was able to take off the spring semester while serving at the Capitol and return to school in the summer and fall. I will end up graduating only one semester behind schedule.”

Senator Whitver also believes that his law school education has benefited him in his legislative duties. “My law experience has been invaluable in the Senate. As one of only two Senators with a law background, my coursework and work experience in the Drake Legal Clinic has given me a unique perspective to bring to my job as a legislator.”

“I am proud to be a Drake student and have met so many Drake graduates who work in the Capitol, including research staff, bill drafters, lobbyists, clerks and other legislators” said Senator Whitver. “Being located in Des Moines is a huge asset for Drake Law School in the opportunities it provides students. It has allowed me to be both a student and a legislator, but it also allows for internships, clerking positions, and part-time jobs which provide real world experience to those students who seek out these opportunities.”

Senator Whitver is currently focused on his legislative duties serving at the Capitol and will return to Drake Law School in August 2012.