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Celebrating campus heroes

The Annual Francis Marion Drake Society Dinner highlighted distinctlyDrake fundraising achievements

The annual Francis Marion Drake Society Dinner, held on Sept. 30, provided alumni, administrators, students and friends with the opportunity to celebrate “The Power of Love” with a superhero-themed event.

An especially exciting aspect of the evening came when John Smith, vice president for alumni and development, announced a significant achievement: distinctlyDrake has surpassed the $100 million mark.

“Your love for Drake has built incredible momentum for distinctlyDrake, a campaign that will bring transformative change to this institution,” Smith told attendees. He also noted that while the campaign’s financial accomplishment was significant, it is more important to note the tangible impact the gifts will have on Drake students.

The focus of the campaign includes increasing scholarships, endowing faculty positions, funding capital projects and developing interdisciplinary centers. The results of distinctlyDrake allow the University to pursue its aspiration to be — and be recognized as — one of the very best institutions of higher education in the nation. Thanks to contributions made by passionate alumni, friends, corporate partners and current students, distinctlyDrake is already making that impact.

The campaign’s development demonstrates that significant progress can be made when thousands of alumni apply their resources towards a common vision. More than 70 percent of the gifts pledged to distinctlyDrake have come in the form of either cash or short-term commitments.

Dinner attendees left the event feeling energized about the University and the steps it continually takes to strengthen its place in the community and the nation. As distincltyDrake charges ahead, alumni and friends are confident in the University’s vision and priorities in making it among the best in the nation.

View more photos from the event on the Drake University Alumni Association Flickr page.