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Drake Law alumnus starts law firm, business

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A bold, yet practical vision. An evolving set of skills. The drive, and confidence, to succeed. These are among the assets of an entrepreneur; and there are myriad opportunities to acquire and develop them at Drake University.

Brandon Clark, a 2010 Drake Law graduate, has had the ambition required to start his own business — or businesses — for years. At Drake Law School, he learned the skills.

“Law school taught me to work from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and it taught me research techniques that help me find any information that I need,” Clark says.

After graduation Clark started Clark Law Firm, where he works full-time as a music lawyer for more than a dozen Midwestern bands and record companies. The firm combines his love of rock music, and history of a bassist in a rock band, with his legal education. (Juice, a lifestyle publication produced by The Des Moines Register, gave plenty of details here).

He wrote the business plan for another start-up, RecycleMe Iowa, over two weeks in a study room at Drake Law School in April 2010. The company provides doorstep recycling services for apartments, condos and small businesses. Much of the starting budget for the company, which has four employees, came from grants he drafted and submitted while at Drake.

The law firm and RecycleMe Iowa share a bustling office in downtown Des Moines. But Clark isn’t satisfied, yet. This summer, while maintaining his previous ventures, he plans to begin formally managing rock bands through a new project called BrandOne Music.

His Drake education taught him the endurance and tenacity to face numerous challenges associated with growing and evolving business efforts.

“My success is based on the skills and experience I already had in the music industry combined with the knowledge, work habits and education I gained at Drake law school,” Clark says.