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Executive makes time to care for city rose garden

“The patience and satisfaction in seeing things grow was inbred from Stampe’s childhood. She grew up on a farm in Clinton, Iowa, but her intellect couldn’t be kept down on the farm. She attended Drake University in Des Moines where she studied math and sociology and received her bachelor of arts in education.

Her professional career primarily has been in the technology sector; she worked for Wang Laboratories, then Oracle. Stampe is now the managing director of the Americas for IDeaS, a global software company that services the hospitality industry headquartered in Minneapolis. She oversees operations in North and South America.

After living in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Colorado and having a second home in Palm Springs for a number of years, she settled in Palm Springs full-time in 2007 with her partner, Susan Cremer, and their two standard poodles, Will and Jack.

Next time you’re in Ruth Hardy Park admiring the rose garden, you’ll know who to thank.”

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