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Professor emeritus and former dean updates book on ‘Nearby History’

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Myron “Mike” Marty

 Myron “Mike” Marty, professor emeritus of history and former dean of the
College of Arts and Sciences, is co-author with David Kyvig of the
third edition of “Nearby History: Exploring the Past around You.”

The American Association for State and Local History first published
the book in 1982, and it was well received. In 2000, AltaMira Press, a
publishing partner of the association, produced a second edition, and
now, a third edition (in hardbound, as well as a paperbound and an
electronic edition).

So, a book that first appeared 28 years ago (before Marty arrived at
Drake as dean in 1984) remains in print. The authors agree with the
persons quoted on the flyer that this version is better than the first

The publisher describes the third edition as a comprehensive handbook
for those interested in investigating the history of communities,
families, local institutions and cultural artifacts.

News PhotoThe authors cover a
variety of research approaches involving published literature,
unpublished documents, oral histories, visual and material sources, and
landscapes; offer guidance in the uses of technology, particularly
digital photography and digital voice recording; and suggest methods of
historical presentation. Richly illustrated with photos and documents,
“Nearby History” is an excellent resource for both professionally
trained and self-taught historians.

Marty, who retired from Drake in 2003, lives in Monticello, Ill.,
and writes book reviews for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Lincoln Lore,
published by the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, Ind., and the
Taliesin Fellows Newsletter/Journal, the publication sponsored by alumni
of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

He is working on an essay review for Lincoln Lore, an expanded
version of a review that appeared in the Post-Dispatch May 15. That
review, titled “Two books help mark Civil War anniversary,” analyzed
Adam Goodheart’s “1861” and Dennis Boman’s “Lincoln and Citizens’ Rights
in Civil War Missouri.” Read the review on the Post-Dispatch website.