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Kili Bowl Countdown: By the numbers

As Drake’s football team prepares to travel to Tanzania to participate in the Global Kilimanjaro Bowl later this month, we pulled together some numbers to help put the enormous endeavor in perspective:

8,397: Distance in miles from Des Moines, Iowa to Arusha, Tanzania

15,000: Seating capacity of Sheikh Amri Abeid Memorial Stadium in Arusha, Tanzania

4: Days the Bulldogs and CONADEIP All-Stars will spend on service work in Arusha and Moshi

48: Page of ESPN The Magazine’s April 14, 2011 issue in which the Bulldogs and Global Kilimanjaro Bowl were featured

50: Years Tanzania has been an independent nation, as of Dec. 9, 2010

65: Drake student-athletes traveling to Tanzania

46: CONADEIP student-athletes making the trip

250+: Total Global Kilimanjaro Bowl participants

885: The number of households in the Tanzanian village of Sokoine, whose members spend approximately seven hours a day walking to and from the closest fresh water source*

4,000: Dollars required for each Drake athlete to participate in the Kili Bowl

300,000+: Dollars raised by Drake players to help pay for the Kili Bowl trip

19,341: Maximum height of Mount Kilimanjaro (in feet)

Stop by Drake’s Global Kilimanjaro Bowl website: www.drake.edu/kilimanjaro to leave a sendoff message of support for the team, and follow the player blogs at www.drakefootball.blogspot.com.

* Drake’s student-athletes are also raising money to build fresh water wells and complete a number of service projects during the trip. To contribute to these service efforts, please contact the Iowa Resource for International Service, a non-profit organization coordinating the projects.