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Drake Law student gain political experience in Legislative Practice Program

Nicole Woodroffe chose to pursue law school to further her passion in politics. She chose to attend Drake Law School after critically considering her other law school options.

“Iowa is known across the nation as a haven for political action, and the state capital, Des Moines, is the epicenter. The Legislative Practice Program at Drake is in the ideal location for anyone wanting to go into law and politics,” said Woodroffe.

The choice to attend Drake Law made sense for Woodroffe, who utilized every opportunity during her tenure at Drake Law School to build her law and politics portfolio.

Woodroffe participated in the Legislative Practice Program, receiving hands on learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. She worked as a lobbyist each of her three years at Drake Law as well as serving as the president of the Drake Law Republicans.

These experiences ultimately ended up helping Woodroffe acquire her current position as the administrative assistant to the Senate Republican Leader.

“The Legislative Practice Program at Drake prepared me for many of the jobs I will undertake in this position,” said Woodroffe.

These duties include developing the legislative agenda, acting as gatekeeper between the Republican Leader and lobbyists, and organizing Republican votes according to the agenda of the leader and party. This year, Woodroffe will also be the point person on redistricting for the Senate Republican Leader’s office.